Before Lost Histories previews “A Druid’s Pilgrimage” to a world audience. We have created these short vignette to promote what Druidry means to those who practice it.

According to a 2001 UK Census, 30,569 individuals described themselves as “Druids” and 508 as “Celtic Druids.” For “A Druid’s Pilgrimage” We only interviewed six Druids who are members of The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

Why follow a Druid path?

 We asked the Question why do individuals follow a Druid Path? As you might know, everyone’s answer is entirely personal to them.

Druidism was first and remains a traditional philosophy

Each religion or spirituality has its specificity, which makes it precious. Druidism is an initiatic tradition of openness and understanding of the world. The Druidic philosophy is a Philosophy of Knowledge which invites respect for difference. Any violent, racist or extremist drift is inadmissible and contrary to a tradition.

 The Druidic Way is a path of philosophical and symbolic research, of self-knowledge, opening up to the rest of nature. Three objectives, which the Druids seek above all to develop in themselves, are wisdom, creativity and Love.

 Not everyone is destined to become a Druid. But everyone may wish to develop their consciousness.

 Druidism is a school of wisdom

Druidism has no dogma (sins or moral codes). There is no sacred text or the equivalent of a bible. For the Druids, the only sacred book that needs to be studied is the Book of Nature. The basic idea of ​​Druid Philosophy is that energy and inspiration are the sources of Life.  

This Way of Initiation, based on respect for natural laws and balances, allows everyone to set their own behaviour framework. It considers that man must assume full responsibility for the consequences of his actions. The true value of a spiritual path lies in the ability to live daily. The druidic journey is an inner quest that takes several years, even a lifetime.

 We are the heirs of our Ancestors, 

we go to the same places, we pray to the same Divinities, we feed on the same energies and the same symbols.

 According to Philéas Lebesgue, Grand Druid of the Gauls from 1933 to 1939, a Druid must have:

 “A clear eye that knows how to see nature…

 A simple heart capable of feeling it …

 A righteous spirit who dares to follow it … “

 A Druid must strive:

 – to live harmoniously with the Universe under the Light of the Uncreated,

 – to honour the Celtic Gods and Goddesses,

 – to strive tirelessly towards the realization of a human standing and free,

 – to respect nature,

 respecting the ancestral tradition.

Vignette created by Andy Rokita –

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