I get asked so often what does a Film Producer, Director, Director of Photography, and Camera Assistant actually do? So I’ve decided to break it down into a blog.

The producer

Despite its title, the producer often does not pretend to lead the entire team. He/she has a great responsibility to ensure that the production budget is respected. Thus, he/she will question the director several times about the length of film remaining concerning the number of shots to be made.

The producer will also insist on viewing raw footage making sure it’s on track since nothing must be left to chance.

On the set, the producer’s interventions are brief and often formulated in the form of questions intended to inform the entire team and to remind the designers of the restrictions related to the budget.

get asked what does a Film Producer, Director, Director of Photography, and Assisitant to Camera do? So I’ve decided to break it down into a blog.


The director takes care of the smooth running of the filming and ensures that the starting concept is respected and exploited to the maximum. He/she supervises the photo direction very closely and ensures that the artist (s) have the correct intention to play and follow the proper technical instructions.

In a small team, everyone is called to give ideas or to express a point of view but, at any time, it is the director who has the last word. In close collaboration with the photo director, he/she also deals with the order in which the shots will be shot.

On a small film set, the storyboard is rarely used, as it is used instead to show the desired mood in the case of a shoot with a large production team. In a reduced team, it becomes much more exciting and useful for the director to discuss with his collaborators the initial idea and then work with a list of short descriptions of the plans to shoot.

Finally, the director is also the key person to establish the fundamental link between filming and editing. The director assists the editor typically in making sure the film retains the natural feel. He must always have in mind the connections to be made between the different plans and this throughout the shoot.

The director of photography

The busiest person on the set is undoubtedly the director of photography since he/she must concretize the link between the will of the director and the actions of the technicians.

Always in a visual perspective, the director of photography supervises and coordinates the technical team concerning the installation of lighting sources and the arrangement of the elements of the decoration according to the composition of the plan.

He/she also works closely with the camera assistant. The director of photography offers the director camera movements, shooting angles, but also various objectives and even a different shooting speed depending on the desired effects.

In a short film team, when shooting a shot, it is he/she who has control of the camera. Besides, the director does not hesitate to make suggestions to the director, who must continuously reevaluate the possibilities and artistic choices.

The assistant to the camera

The only concern of the assistant to the camera is obviously the camera itself. All the technique related to this work tool is provided by him.

While also being responsible for setting lenses, tripods to use, filters to add, he mounted the camera, the caliber and meticulously load the film in its case.

He/she has the complete film in his hands, and the slightest mistake on his part could compromise all the work. During filming, the camera assistant takes care of the focus, counts the remaining film, monitors the speed of the motor and supervises the size of the lens diaphragm.

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