As part of the “A Druid Pilgrimage” documentary, I have included snippets of interviews. These interviews are with different members of The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids of OBOD.

The first interview is with Quill, a member of Bristol Grove.

Who were the Druids?

The Druids were a high social class in Celtic society. Druidism is considered an official religion in the United Kingdom since October 2, 2010, it is the first pagan group that has officially and legally acquired this consideration in the United Kingdom.

Druids often present themselves as priests of the Celtic religion, but their role covered many more aspects. The Druids formed an independent social class, representing the intellectual class of society. Although they also performed religious functions, they were not limited to them. They were among other things, bards, doctors, astronomers, philosophers, and magicians.

A Druids Pilgrimage – behind the scenes photographs taken by Sian Rokita and edited by Roland Keates.

Functions of Druids

However, three functions can be distinguished between the Druids, although the separation was sometimes not very clear, and individual authors were skeptical.

The “Druids”, who taught the art of war and who had hidden and magical powers.

The “Bairds” or bards, who were responsible for the oral tradition.

The “Filidhs” or seers who predicted the future.

We must also distinguish between Celtic Druids (until the end of independent Celtic cultures, roughly coinciding with the beginning of the Middle Ages) and modern Druids. The first would disappear without leaving written testimony. The latter was developed in Wales and Ireland according to concepts of the Modern Age. These beliefs and members unite traditions with current ideas, nationalisms, and romanticisms.

The Word

The origin of the word “druid” is much debated. Dr. O’Hogain assumes that it derives from the Celtic word for “rich in knowledge,” while others say it has been derived from drus, the Celtic word for oak. Another theory finally relates it to dru (careful, thorough) and uid (know).

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