Even with the best team and the best equipment possible, if you are not well prepared for your next video shoot or your next camera interview, the result may be unsatisfactory. To make sure you’re ready and more relaxed on your next shoot, here are some tips to make this experience a fun and memorable one!

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin


First, avoid wearing clothes with stripes or other beautiful patterns. Striped clothing can create a strange optical effect called a moiré pattern (Moiré is a contrasting effect that changes with the deformation of an object, regardless of shadow effects).

Do not dress all in black or all in white, neutral tones such as pastels, grays or light colors such as lilac or blue are much better options. The camera will increase the contrast of these colors. White is a bad choice because it can be too overwhelming visually and can “blind” the viewer.

A colour that you must stay away from for a TV appearance is green. Many special effects, such as weather maps, maps showing traffic are projected on what is called a green screen. If you wear green and these effects are used, you will literally blend in with the scenery.

Finally, avoid wearing big bling jewels and if you wear contact lenses or glasses, choose your contact lenses during a shoot. Spectacles can sometimes reflect the light of the lamps used during filming.


Bring a few different clothes, or at least a different jacket or sweater. It’s a bit awkward to report to the studio wearing the same outfit as the live host, and it’s great to have a rescue suit available (you never know what can happen).

Although you do not want to wear too much makeup, it’s not a bad idea to bring a comb or a brush for a quick retouch and most importantly, have a matte powder on hand. And you might want to bring some tissues. The studio lights are sometimes very hot, and with the element of stress, it could well be that sweat a little.


Do not put anything in your pockets that could create a bulge, or be uncomfortable when you sit down
Close your phone and forget it!
For women, avoid wearing skirts too short especially if your shoot is done on stool
Wear clothes in which you are comfortable


It is normal to be nervous during a shoot (especially if you are at your first experiences), but try to keep your cool and act naturally.

Two common mistakes people make when filming: they try to memorise their text and they literally embarrass the camera. To avoid this situation, remember why you are here (you are an expert in your field, and you know your subject) and have a good idea of what you want to say, rather than knowing your text by heart. It will look more natural in front of the camera. Once on the set, take a few deep, deep breaths before the camera starts to turn to focus and make you comfortable.

In your interview, use smaller gestures and ideally, avoid shaking your hands or gesticulating too much. If you must do this, keep your hands folded in your lap. Also avoid touching your face with your hands, because on the screen, it seems very strange.

If time permits, practice before your interview and try to eliminate the frequent “uh.” In everyday conversations, this is not noticed, but on a video, it’s different.

As part of your preparation, put on the outfit you plan to wear during filming, practice, and film yourself. A video with your smartphone or other equipment will be perfect. The goal here is to allow you to visualize and see how you appear on the camera while noting your facial expressions, gestures, etc.


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