During writing the script for the new Druids Film, I have immersed myself in the culture of what I’m writing about. Like a method actor will live the role before the filming. I read as much about the history as I can — this why I live it through words and not necessarily through actions. With that said, I’m tending to find how Druidry is a warming way of life.

Lost Histories Script on Druids


I don’t normally write scripts for the documentaries, I normally leave the story to unfold its natural self. With this documentary, I’ve decided to have a storyline running through it like in Shreds of Rome

The story

The story unfolds with a young girl who finds out by chance her uncle is a druid. The girl (Gemma) takes an interest in what Druidry is and why he became a druid. Gemma goes on a pilgrimage in her own mind and by her own feet to discover what Druidry is and what it means to her uncle.

This script is written as a documentary drama, with interviews with actual practicing druids combined into the documentary.


Today, while the majority of us live in cities, there is a return to a kind of spirituality oriented towards nature. The Druids of today, men and women, seek through with their practices related to Nature to re-harmonise the human being, to renew the subtle link between Heaven and Earth by honoring the Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. There is also rehabilitation of the female Divinities in their spirituality, which makes the Feminine, and by extension the woman, the rightful place.

The Big Project

The big project here in script writing is to get it right. Then dissect the ism. I have come to find that one druid path isn’t the same path for another.

What I have found with talking to Druids they devote themselves today to the ecological struggle at the same time as the restoration of a reputation of true humanists.

Feeling Druidry

I have come across a number of Druids who are reluctant to talk on camera about their personal journey in Druidism. They don’t want others to know one way or another and I respect this and never push anything onto anyone if it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, I have had several emails asking me to leave this project alone and go with a so-called pure religion as Christianity, yet what these haters don’t release is Druids can be Christians, Hindus, Muslims Buddhist or another doctrine. Druidry isn’t a religion per say it’s a real way of life. All those abusive stories concerning widespread sacrificial practices, gossiping enemies of Druidism.  I wish to alleviate all these which are untrue and have a positive viewpoint on Druidism.

A Druid is a real person who explains things deeply when being asked, that’s why he/she recognised in all druid environments. Among the Gauls, all have their way of saying and explaining the role of their deities, and some follow a paganist way of Druidry and others don’t.


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