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The film industry increased in quality of images and shots, as soon as the drones appeared. There are many benefits of drones in the cinema that improve the quality of a scene.

Although we consider it unimportant, this remote-controlled device is capable of showing different perspectives of the same scene. Gone are the helicopters and recordings from high places. Expensive structures and specialists. With the help of a drone, you can get stunning images.

The images that we want to transmit to the spectator are more and more impressive, and once, it was necessary to resort to costly, uncomfortable methods and with specialists who even had to put their lives in danger. Luckily, with the help of drones, the taking of images becomes accessible and straightforward, they are in full swing as they are revolutionizing the film industry.


The benefits of drones in movies and documentaries do not focus on one type of shot alone. Although the shots of the landscapes have always been trendy, more impressive shots are already being explored. Thanks to the versatility of their structure, it is possible.

Aerial filming easily, economically and comfortably. With the help of drones, high-quality images are obtained, almost immediately. And the best, from points where it is possible to capture the entire landscape. Complicated images to achieve.

Recording of fixed angles that are in very high points, since they can be directed by earth and by air. Whether in motion or statically, drone control allows a variety of movements and positions.

The images can be recorded up close and in great detail and moving, even though it is in a dangerous area. The remote control over the drone allows flying over areas that can not be filmed without danger, achieving impressive images.

Reception of bird’s eye views while walking vast areas in any direction. Not only do drones capture a landscape, but they can walk alongside the viewer.
The possibility of recording in more remote corners, which can not be reached generally with a terrestrial or aerial camera. The drone can perform precise movements to access and take difficult-to-achieve images.

It is an economical option to create unique images. Luckily, there are already drone companies around the world that offer air services such as the well-known drone recording.

Through Piloting, you can find the recording services you need and the images you need. In this platform, we have experts in the control of drones, who can offer you the plans you are looking for.

If you still do not have clear the benefits of drones in the cinema, you have to take a look at the videos we have in Pilotando. Thanks to what drones can bring to the cinema, incredible images are possible only using drones, the film industry can begin to rub their hands, to make cinematic history.


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