Andy Rokita

Andrew Rokita BA (Hons) Film & Television Production FBIPP or better known as Andy is our Cinematographer and Editor for Lost Histories. He is a Pro-active and passionate filmmaker that just loves the medium both in his professional capacity, but also for Theodore Films where the remit and approach are entirely different yet still handled with the same degree of professionalism.

Alongside this Andy has a keen interest in cinematic history and local documentary-making/heritage.

Andy Rokita behind the camera

Andy discovered cinema when he was already a teenager: he was raised in Derby, and eventually moved to Bournemouth to attend the university to study Film Making. From that moment, he learned everything he could about the art of filming (through books, watching films and doing), and financed his first jobs through work as an industrial worker.

With Andy main job as a filmmaker for Rolls Royce, he can boast of having shot on all continents: throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Antarctica, and Oceania. Andy films thus become not only a perfect substitute for books and for those who find it difficult to get up from the sofa but he’s an endless source of anecdotes ranging from the weird to the climaxal.

Working alongside Andy Rokita

Andy uses unknown actors in many of his films, and one reason is cost, but with the growing expense of making independent films for a niche market, he has made many a household name. Andy has won numerous awards, and he knows what he’s doing: from the beginning of his career, and between short films. He has helped me to produce documentaries with themes ranging from historical to the unusual.

The truth is that Andy has been a very prolific writer (with a life like his, no wonder), but every time he has moved to a blank page has been to put the finger on the sore. Andy writes his scripts like most; however, he hones in very well into a theme he has set himself. I have often been out on the walk with him and his lovely wife Sian, and he goes, and he looks around the environment, and he is writing his new script in his head.

Andy is a real trooper to have on the team.

Below are Andy films which were written and produced by his production company Theodore Films with the exception of those designated * in which case produced
for Lost Histories in which Andy was DoP and editor.
2008 Minotaur 15mins
2008 House of the Marionettes 17mins
2009 Debtor’s Prison 17mins
2009 The Little Adventures of Milos H.
Compendium of six films:
The Book That Wanted to Go Home 15mins
Noughts & Crosses 15mins
Snakes & Ladder 15mins
Hangman 15mins
Mrs. Levinson 15mins
Ghost Planes 15mins
2010 Three Sisters 17mins
2010 A Cat Called Montpellier 23mins
2010 Tooth Fairy 17mins
2011 A Voice in the Woods 18mins
2011 MAS’Q 32mins
2012 JO 22mins
2013 Quietly Different 17mins
2014 Shreds of Rome 14mins*
2014 Sunflowers 17mins
2015 Softly Spoken 56mins
2015 Away On A Train 14mins
2016 Aimee 22 mins
2016 Fallen Angel 5mins
2018 The Gangster and the Angel
2018 If Wall Could Talk*

Director’s Biography

Andrew RokitaBA (Hons) Film&Television Production FBIPP

1979-1982                Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Technology –

Faculty of Film and Television BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

1982-1984               Freelance – various

1984-1985               NHS – Video Producer

1985-1987               Video Marine (Video Producer for an independent video production company specialising in marine films)

1987-                        Rolls-Royce Group – Senior – Image Resource Head of Video Production

1997                           Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers BIPP

2008-                         Co-founder of Theodore Films. Documentary and social conscious short dramas

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