Product placement

Finding funding to make a historical Documentary is very hard to do. I’ve applied for the financing to numerous organizations to no avail, so I’ve decided to find sponsors and to use product placements in my documentaries.

Product Placement is a technique that consists of mentions and/or showing products in television series, movies, video games or music videos so that instead of looking like advertising, it seems to be part of the story. It became especially famous in the 80’s with the release of the film ET Since then it has gained great popularity, mainly in the cinema and later in other industries.

For both producers and brands, the Product Placement has become an issue of vital importance, since, on the one hand, it allows financing projects linked to the world of entertainment, while making the trade more profitable. On the other hand, brands manage to expose themselves to a large number of people with the advantage of presenting themselves within the context of the stories, without the need to interrupt.

We aim to use the technique in a subtle and almost imperceptible way, in other cases it is much more evident. With this method, we hope to use Product Placement to become an excellent showcase for brands allowing them to become the protagonists of the plots, in some cases almost on a par with the actors.

If you have a new or existing product you would like to be featured in the next documentary; please contact me to discuss your requirements.



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